A downloadable entry for Windows

Fly around the vast emptiness of space. Make sure to watch out for the asteroids, or don't.

W/S: Move Back/Forward
A/D: Strafe
Q/E: Roll
Mouse: Farther from the center, faster you turn.

As the name "Stray Affray" implies this was originally going to be a flight sim/dog fight game. However, after spending 3 whole days being displeased with my control scheme I decided to change the scope and save myself the headache. Not much here, but I really enjoy how the ship controls turned out so I am still going to post the entry. Will have to use this for something bigger in the future.

Made withUnreal Engine
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Stray Affray.rar 123 MB


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Awesome job man! I saw your comment on my page and came to check yours out. It was really cool! I love the controls, and the effects while flying around. I hoped to make effects like that but didn't get around to it. I'd like to hear how you went about it! Also the asteroid breaking apart was a cool touch.

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Thanks man, that means a lot! :) You're game is so nice, wish I could have gotten around to getting in weapons and something to shoot at.

The stars just 2 sphere particles. One is a full 3000 radius around the player with a few stars to add depth, then the other is 5000 radius, shell only. So it adds a bunch of stars that look distant. As you fly the distant stars make the soaring effect cause they spawn in quickly :)

Once again thank you! And that makes a lot of sense now. It's so simple, yet very effective! I'll try experimenting with that, I've never thought of using particles in that manner. I tend to just use them for trails or explosions and that's about it. I see now how much more creative I can be with the system.

The main problem I faced was the outer sphere. When you move and stop right away you could clearly see it in the game. Since stars twinkle anyway, the far stars only live for 1 second, just a quick fade in fade out. Good luck! :D