A downloadable entry

This game is an entry for the Weekly Game Jam: Week 130!

The Team:
    Gameplay, AI, and Animation - El Fideo Rubio
    Random Level Generation - Josue
System Design:
    Weapon Statistics - Haiyoooo 
    Weapon Customization - DeepFriedOreo
    Composer - Malagnus

The hunt is on! A random dungeon (once per game load) and a whole lot of enemies coming at you. Whenever you die, you will earn a new sword piece to hopefully help you take down the rest! Can you survive long enough to find the Gorilla?

Mouse - Look around
WASD - Move around
Left Mouse Button - Light Attack
Right Mouse Button - Block
Scrollwheel Up - Heavy Stab
Scrollwheel Down - Heavy Chop

Install instructions

The random level generation only happens once when the game is loaded, and may cause an infinite loop. If the game freezes when opening, it should work if you try again. We could not solve this in time, but may look into fixing it post jam.


Find the Gorilla.rar 116 MB


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Deleted post

The area that you see under the level is the sword customization area which you appear in when you die. The gorilla actually does not currently spawn in the dungeon, we released this project as is at the end of the jam, but we are still working on releasing a post-jam build which is more complete.